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This was the boldest BMW ever made. So we made a bold thing on our side as well. Instead of the typical car ad, we brought in the frenetic duo BRTHR to tell the story of characters getting inspired to free their expressive side – each personifying one special feature of the XM. 

PS: We found out later that BMW had to include a seizure warning on the films.


Jung von Matt
Thim Wagner - Managing Creative Director
Jan Anderssen - Managing Director
Vinzent E. Groitl - Client Service Director
Damian Kuczmierczyk - Creative Director Art
Mirjam Wagner - Creative Director Art
Elizabeth Herold - Creative Director Copy
Philipp Trübiger - Senior Art Director
Alexandre Amaral - Senior Art Director
Yago Guimaraes - Copywriter
David Voss - Executive Producer
Maria Pillath - Senior Project Manager
David Giesen - Senior Project Manager

Rekorder - Film Producer
BRTHR - Directors
Pat Aldinger - DP 
Agnieszka Doroszewicz - Photographer 

Jens Thiemer - Senior Vice President BMW Brand Experience
Stefan Ponikva - Vice President BMW Brand Experience
Max Bauer - Head of Content Creation
Fabio Olivotti - Head of Content, Digital and Editorial Marketing
Florian Ströhlein - Project Lead Content Creation

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