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Directed by BRTHR

For the boldest BMW ever made, we decide to show six characters freeing their most expressive sides – each personifying one iconic feature of the XM. And the result was a complete visual frenzy. So much so that BMW had to put a seizure warning on it. Oops.

Jung von Matt
Thim Wagner - Managing Creative Director
Jan Anderssen - Managing Director
Vinzent E. Groitl - Client Service Director
Damian Kuczmierczyk - Creative Director Art
Mirjam Wagner - Creative Director Art
Elizabeth Herold - Creative Director Copy
Philipp Trübiger - Senior Art Director
Alexandre Amaral - Senior Art Director
Yago Guimaraes - Copywriter
David Voss - Executive Producer
Maria Pillath - Senior Project Manager
David Giesen - Senior Project Manager

Rekorder - Film Producer
BRTHR - Directors
Pat Aldinger - DP 
Agnieszka Doroszewicz - Photographer 

Jens Thiemer - Senior Vice President BMW Brand Experience
Stefan Ponikva - Vice President BMW Brand Experience
Max Bauer - Head of Content Creation
Fabio Olivotti - Head of Content, Digital and Editorial Marketing
Florian Ströhlein - Project Lead Content Creation

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