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Freedom Grams

The Last Prisoner Project + Aroya + Gaby Inc.

Weed is legal in most of the US, right. So how come there are still people in jail for it? Well, now, the same grams that took their freedom can give it back.

Check out the website 

(or maybe buy some who knows)


Cannes Lions - Bronze, 7x Shortlist

Clio Cannabis - Grand Prix, Silver, Shortlist

Clio Health - Grand Prix, Gold, Bronze

Clio - 2X Gold, Silver, 2x Bronze

Eurobest - Bronze, 3x Shortlist

Webby - Gold (People's Choice)

D&AD - 3x Wood

ADC - Silver, Bronze, 2x Shortlist

ADC Germany - 2x Silver, 2x Bronze, 5x Shortlist

New York Festivals - 3x Silver, 2x Bronze, 5x Finalist

Red Dot - Gold, 2x Silver

Lovie - 2x Bronze

Lia - Finalist

Epica - Silver

The One Show - 4x Merit, 2x Shortlist

AdForum PHNX - 2X Silver, Bronze

Caples - 2x Bronze

Kyiv International - 2x Gold, Silver

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